Estadio Único

A show ÚNICO

Nov. 7, 2018

With a monumental staging, Roger Waters enfolded El Único with images and sounds on Tuesday night; the 45,000 souls lived a unique sensorial experience.

One of the most emotional parts of the show was when Waters and his band played The Wall.  The audience shouted, sang, vibrated and gave a standing ovation to the kids who choreographed the song wearing a t-shirt with the word “Resist” on their chests. And then, a long list of the British artist’s big hits followed the emblematic Pink Floyd’s song published in 1979.  The crowd was a mixture of adults and kids enjoying the historic songs of this international musical artist, who left a mark on the 70’s and 80’s generation and has become a legend.

A 66 x 25 meters stage, a stadium- width screen, 236 sound boxes and more than 300 lighting devices were part of the infrastructure setup for Roger Waters' show .

Eight shows in Brazil, one in Uruguay, and another 10 (Chile, Perú, Costa Rica, México) after these two performances at El Único will complete the LatinAmerican leg of the US + THEM tour. 

But this is not the end just yet, there is still one more show. On Saturday, there will be another mythical night by Roger Waters.  

The playlist was the following:

Speak to me/Breathe

One of these days


Breathe reprise

The great gig in the sky

Welcome to the machine

Déja vu

Last refugee

Picture that

Wish you were here

Happiest days brick




Us and them

Smell the roses

Brain Damage



Comfortably numb