Estadio Único


The pitch can be moved; a characteristic which is unique in Latin America. It is composed of 5796 PVC modules(1.16 m by 1.16 m flower pots) . Each one contains grass and a drainage system. This enables the pitch to be disassembled within 48 hours to host other events or shows, without affecting the turf.



The roof is composed of a network of cables and steel parts, upon which an architectonic membrane was assembled (a teflon coated fiberglass membrane). The membrane completely covers the stands and half of the upper path. The pitch is uncovered.


Led Screens

The Stadium has four 7x5 metres Led screens, strategically located so as they can be watched by every viewer



The Stadium has a 2400 lux power system, placed upon the railways, created for said purpose. There is a total of 220 light fixtures which provide lighting compatible with High Definition Television (HDTV).



There are 182 boxes with different capacities and location; all of which are equipped with LCD, under- counter refrigerator and AC. Their accesses are totally electronic. In the centre of the head boxes, there are two multi-space rooms: the cafeteria and living-room. It also has a playroom for children.



The Stadium possesses 8 entrance ramps (10 metres wide each) and access to stands from the upper part of the dome. The Stadium has 12 security posts and 95 turnstiles for pedestrian access. The pitch is surrounded by a perimeter moat which separates it from the stands. The whole venue is controlled from a monitoring station which receives the signals from 30 security cameras located in different sectors. The entire evacuation of the stadium can be accomplished in 7 minutes.